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Web Psychology

Dog upside down demonstrating Web Psychology

Do you know how a real website looks like? And how it feel when you move around its pages?

A real website should connect with the visitors. And it should make the user click and tempt to do the actions. This is what we call as User Experience with web psychology. No matter how well branded your business is, if the website / online store / mobile apps are not created by considering the user experience, it will get lost in the crowd and it will not serve the business purpose. 

Do you need an example? 

Yeah! Of Course. You are reading this web psychology section because of the dog’s upside down picture grabbed your attention. 

We know how to use

Marketing Therapy

Traditional Radio with Chair Demonstrating Digital Marketing Therapy

Have you done creating a website for your business or online store and waiting for leads / sales from it? Have you ever wondered why your products or services are not getting listed in google or other search engine results? 

Creating a website / E-Commerce site is only a tip of an iceberg.  As you know the Internet is an ocean of well branded big buddies like bluewhales in the ocean. But when you create a new website it looks like a tiny shrimp in that. But the good news is, these big buddies were looks like a shrimp in their kickstarting stage. With the help of digital marketing therapy, we can transform the shrimp into big buddies. This is possible even you don’t have any big offices like other brands. Because the internet will not see your physical location rather it will monitor your online presence

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How to Dominate Any Industry Online?

How to Dominate Any Industry Online - Step 1: Dare to Dream

Step 1: Dare to Dream

Think Big, Law of Attraction, Optimism, and tons and tons of books are there to motivate and inspire you to think the way a successful person do. But if that works, why the people around the world are not successful in their own business?

Let’s do some rough calculation. Consider, 100,000 person reads a book called ‘think and grow rich by napoleon hill’.

  • Half of them (50,000) will read it and throw it away just like an another book.
  • 25,000 people will think about it. 
  • 15,000 people will try to implement it.
  • 10,000 people will practice it.
  • Only a 100 of them really dare to do it. Because it needs a tremendous amount of courage to step out from this mechanical crowded world. Entrepreneurship journey begins with taking risks and the end result will be awesome. But you really need a unique idea to startup or even the existing concept works?

Step 2: Make It Online

No Matter what your business is all about. If you are not upgrading it, it will step out of your industry.

Look at your competitors. Google your service or products that you are providing and see who are all on the top of the list. Yeah! They are your competitors, But your business is not even in that competition list. Because it doesn’t have a website. In this limitless virtual world, why you are limiting your business physically.

Even you have an office in your mom’s basement, your business should be having the online presence. It is not about just creating a nice website for your business. It is more than that.

How to Dominate Any Industry Online? - Step 2: Make It Online
How to Dominate Any Industry Online? - Step 3: Shoutout

Step 3: Shoutout

Here is a challenge for you. Research and come up with a successful company or a brand or a business that doesn’t do any marketing. I will make this even easier for you. Go and look for something in local or travel through the time machine and find out in the history for a successful business that didn’t do any marketing.

  • Stores that sells home appliances, will market through local newspapers.
  • Big Brands will market through sponsoring global events.
  • Carpenter will market his service by asking referrals from the clients.
  • Employees will market through job portal / resume and job interviews.

Guess what?

There is no successful business exist without marketing effort. We have a completely different perspective on these things and have accomplished excellent results. That is why we are known as ‘Digital Marketing Therapist’.

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