It is time to focus more on Smart Phone Users.


(as per Over 61.2% of them are internet users.

So It is more than quarter of the world population. Now you know why all the brands and business are rushing and planning for the mobile marketing in the coming years.

Here are my 6 Actionable Mobile SEO Tips for your business / personal branding. Whether your business is about banking currencies or baking cookies, It works!

1. Gear Up your Website Performance & User Experience:

Not Only Google, users do love those speedy websites especially with good user experience. This is why Google has come up with a Free tool called Google PageSpeed Insight Tool to analyze. This Tool will rate your website and its pages in terms of performance & user Experience and give a score out of 100. You can access the mobile score and suggestions by clicking on the mobile tab.

Look for any suggestions or warning in the report and fix it.

WordPress Tip: There is a plugin called “WP Rocket” that come in handy to increase the website performance.

2. A Quick Responsive check:

Responsive Web Design (RWD) was the trendy term in the beginning of 2011 but still it is hot due to the power of dominating handheld devices.

Now you can simulate your website and its pages in major smartphones with this Responsive Test tool. I love this tool because It also allows you to give any screen sizes manually.

Fix the layout and elements that don’t align with the device layouts.

WordPress Tip: Meanwhile you can make use of WP Touch Plugin Temporarily If you are in the process of fixing your WordPress design or looking for any other WordPress responsive theme.

Pro Tip# 1: While checking on the design and layout in different devices, also Test the Navigation responsiveness & Call to Action Elements. These are the key elements of every website which converts website visitors into potential leads.

Pro Tip# 2: While checking, keep an eye on the headings of pages / articles. The headings should not cover entirely the device layout. You can trim and make it simple and neat. Here is the bad and good example for that.


3. Make it Easy, since we are all Lazy:

We (human) are lazy and we always find a shortcut to make our life easier.

If you contribute something to make life easier, you will receive a lead in a matter of second. 

(Note: this technique contains HTML Code & JavaScript, Please work with caution and I recommend you to backup before implementing anything new on your website.)

Click to Skype:

This allows you to turn any image / icon / text in your website into a direct Skype calling or messaging elements, without even adding the contact.

Click to Skype (Message) Code:

<a href="skype:yourskypeID?message">Click Here to Message Through Skype

Click to Skype (Call) Code:

<a href=”skype:yourskypeID?call”>Click Here to Make a skype Call

Click to Call:

As you can see many websites have their phone number clickable / tappable and it will start dialing right away once you clicked.

Here is the Code for that technique:

<a href=”tel:555-555-5555″>Call Me

Click to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one of the major inevitable chat platforms nowadays. If you have WhatsApp, your customer can click it on the website and message / call you directly without even adding the contact (Yeah you heard it right, Your website visitors do not need to add your contact to contact your through WhatsApp!).

This is how you can make this technique work:

<a href=”intent://send/+555555555#Intent;scheme=smsto;package=com.whatsapp;action=android.intent.action.SENDTO;end”>WhatsApp Me

555555555 – Is your WhatsApp Number


Click to Navigate:

Make your website link directly opens the Google map Apps and shows your company location in a single click.

Just customize the below code as per your location details:

<a href=” Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, District of Columbia, 20003">View The Location

Facebook instant articles:

Some articles shared through facebook have a lightning icon and these are “Facebook Instant Articles”.

These articles will get more click than a traditional article due to its 10x faster loading time and user-friendliness.  

Here is the direct Facebook tutorial page to make instant articles.

WordPress Tip: Refer this page, that will guide you to make instant articles from your WordPress blog.

QR (Quick Response) Code:

Let your customers Open your website, make a call, send a message, shoot an email, or save your business Vcard, just by capturing a tiny code.  

Create your own QR Code here for your business and place it on all your media channels, Social Platform, business card, packaging material, etc.,

4. GO Local:

Have you ever noticed when Google showing map results and company address something Like this?

Search Engines are brilliant in recognizing the user queries and giving the optimal results. If you are targeting any specific region / countryGo ahead and register your business in various map-based search engines.

This will help you to get more localized traffic even in a highly competitive niche environment and will also help your customer to reach your location, by using their GPS gadgets.

Here are my Top 3 Favorite places to register your business locally:

Google My Business

Bing Places for Business


Pro Tip: Deliver the content like Blogs, Emails, SMS in the Local Language of your customers. Multilingual SEO is hot now!

5. Real-time Engagement & Automation (80/20 Rule)

Communication is the key to business success. Social Media & Chat platforms are making this thing very easy!

It is not recommended to create all social media and chat application accounts unless you are a global brand. I am stressing this statement here because most of the small business are failing in strategizing the social media channels in Three ways:

Issue #1. Creating accounts on All Social Media: Startups & some small businesses are failing to analyze the data and social media statistics of their target audience and end up in creating accounts in all social media channels which result in loads of unlike audience and poor management.

You can visit this page and create social accounts as per your audience characteristics & location.

Issue #2. Carbon Content Strategy: To maintain the brand quality, you need to maintain the same profile & Cover pictures across all social media accounts. But this should not be applicable for the contents.

Social Media managers in some business are fed up with Low Engagements from their channels. I call this as Carbon Content Strategy. Because they post the same content on all social media channels. Unsurprisingly, this will not work out.

So you need to keep individual content strategy for all your social media channels.

Issue #3. Automating Everything: I came across one twitter account which was having 150K Followers (omg I was surprised that he is tweeting every half an hour) and after a few days of following him, I gave some suggestion about his website design through a tweet. But I didn’t get any reply. I was wondering, how many followers he will lose if he is not really engaged with his followers.

Tons of Application are available to automate your social media accounts. But we need to apply 80/20 rule to do this. Automate wisely and do not automate craps like auto-following, auto-commenting, etc., Because real people are hanging out there in social media. They need your real engagements.

Nowadays, reaching through chats  like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, is more convenient than emails & calls. It will give more flexibility and control over your messages. Make use of it.

6. Create Mobile App:

Why creating App for your business is essential? 

To create an app, either you can hire a freelancer or use the online app builders.

A few thoughts on Paid Advertisement:

Even organic traffic is considered by most of us for long term SEO, the paid advertisement like PPC and social media advertisement will give you a quick boost.

So, You can also advertise your brand  through Youtube Ads.

One of the main reason to invest in Paid ads is Cross-device conversion. As per surveys most of the users start searching the products on one device and end buying in some other devices which they are all connected together.

SMS marketing is not dead as you think. It is still incredibly the most trusted marketing channel recognized globally because of its reliability, cost effectiveness, and reachability.

My 2 Cents:

Stay New, Stay Interactive. I recently came across a video on YouTube that inspired me how a ketchup company utilized the latest technology. The Video is about “Heinz and Its Augmented Reality Recipe Book”, They have created an excellent interactive approach by using Blippar Technology (A Visual Discovery Solution on mobile).

Here is the video.

So the bottom line is, No Matter what your industry or niche is, you have infinite possibilities to innovate and stay on top of the crowd. If a ketchup company can do it, so you!

Do Not Divorce Desktop. Even we know more people are searching through smartphones than PCs, still you have to pay attention to desktop users as well.

I would like to know your results after implementing these techniques. Please write down your comments below.

mobile SEO techniques for digital marketing infographics created by webkhalifa

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